Friday, November 11, 2011

Highwayman Alfred Hair painting

I've written about this piece and similar eBay items before, and about the listing prices that people put up for the public to see. This one just won't go away.

People who are new to this highwaymen market usually go to Google, follow the links, see things like this, and have a tendency to believe them.

I understand this. It's the result of incorrect information combined with wishful thinking, further interwoven with (quite possibly newfound) pride of ownership.

Yet, when someone calls or emails me wondering if I'm interested in buying their Alfred Hair painting, and I tell them it's a $1500.00 painting, they tell me, "But I see on eBay these are going for $9,000.00."

I only WISH that they were going for $9,000.00.

This simply results in a total waste of time, mine as well as theirs.

I can't really understand what these jerks who list like this are trying to accomplish.


And what in the world is Webber trying to accomplish? He can walk twenty feet next door, to Artlink, and pay full choke retail, and buy a similar one for a third or less of his "professionally appraised" value.

Here's a copy/paste of the listing, as the links don't last forever, even though this has been re-listed several times.

Seller info
Member id 1beachfrontcondo ( Feedback Score Of 11)
100% Positive feedback

November 24 closing Item number 250918212430

Do your homework before buying. Item sold as is, where is. No returns will be accepted. This item has been authenticated and is as described. Bruce Webber art gallery in downtown Lake Worth estimated the value between $10,000.00 and $12,000.00 on 8/8/11. Serious buyers only, PLEASE!!!

Any questions? Feel free to call or email me.
cell 727 809 1691