Saturday, June 30, 2012


As I continue to make semi-regular entries in this blog, all the "How can you help me" posts tend to get buried below all the new exciting things that I write for you, gentle readers.

I've created more certificates of appraisal just in the last week than you can shake a stick at. A seller in Wisconsin posted a Hair appraisal with his listing on eBay, and I'm waiting for a check from a seller in Northern California for another Hair certificate. The demand for an impartial evaluation, dripping with the truth in a difficult market to interpret, has become very strong lately.

So, once again, I will show you an email from this morning and my response.

Here you go:


I found your information on the internet. My husband and I have two Harold Newton paintings that my husband inherited from his grandmother. We have had them for several years and now are looking to sell them. I am writing you for advice on what they might be worth and how to go about finding a buyer.

I've uploaded some photos. The sizes are approximately 23x35 and 23x31.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Hi, *anonymous*.

I can take care of evaluating them and also finding a buyer for you.

I've been searching for and finding buyers for these things since 1995, so I can guarantee success.

First thing you need to know is how much they are worth in today's market.It takes special knowledge as H Newtons are currently valued between $500.00 and $10,000.00.

I can issue certificates of authenticity and appraisal for my standard fee of $100.00. An example can be found on the buy-sell-trade website below.

The value I place on the certs is a high one, a "replacement cost" for insurance purposes. Since I buy as well as appraise, in addition I will give you a rundown of the following values.
Insurance value.
Fair retail asking price.
Fair retail acceptable price for offers. (All buyers ask for "the best price")
Fair wholesale, or what you could expect at public auction such as eBay.
My "return to you" price if I sell them FOR you on consignment.
My outright "write a check and be done" buy price.

If I handle them for you, or simply buy them, I refund the appraisal fees upon a succesful purchase or sale.

My goal is always to be accurate enough to insure a quick sale. Many galleries and auction houses appraise them ridiculously high, and they don't sell quickly.

Again, the fee is $100.00 by check or $105.00 via Paypal for each.

I do most of my certificates (I've done hundreds) via images such as you've sent.If we need to meet in person, I live near Tampa, but I will be in West Palm Beach next Fri, Sat, Sun, July 6,7 & 8.

You can find a wealth of examples and information on my websites listed below.
Thanks for sending the images, and please let me know your thoughts.

regards, BOB cell 727 809 1691!/pages/A-E-Backus-paintings/226383987441293!/pages/H-Newton-and-A-Hair-Paintings/309497962412013!/TheOther24HighwaymenArtists!/BobLeBlanc

Friday, June 8, 2012

Harold Newton appraisals

With Harold Newton's work still holding it's own at the top of all the value charts, and with a current price range of $ 500.00 to probably a top of $15,000.00, it's clear that the general public needs to know what his work can bring on an individual basis before agreeing to a sale, or setting a minimum at a public auction.

Damn, that's a long sentence, eh?

It's extremely gratifying for me to note that the appraisals of his work that I've doing lately have increased phenomenally. It seems that when someone has one of his paintings, the odds are that they have another one, or even several.

When you consider that a scholar of his work, such as Tim Jacobs, thinks there might be 50,000 of his paintings still in existence, there seem to be enough to go around.

I'm at the point where I've done at least a couple of hundred certificates in the last decade, and let there be no doubt that I'm looking forward to more.

I thank you, friends and strangers alike, for your trust.