Monday, January 9, 2012

the highwaymen movie

Help it happen, people. I'm doing what I can.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Harold Newton Early work

H Newton and A Hair Paintings (Posted this morning on Facebook.)
Also posted on my other blog,
Images are at both places.

I'm offering two Harold Newton paintings, which in itself is not unusual. HOWEVER...both are unusual and very rare.

The first one I originally thought may be an experimental piece by Harold, but in considering everything about it, I'm now speculating that it's possibly the earliest known painting, executed with Backus in his studio at the time of transition from religious work to landscape art. It's an unusual size on upson board, 27x33 in original crown molding painted gray.

H Newton and A Hair Paintings
It doesn't look like H's typical Rio Mar, now, does it? If you happen to be interested in how we know it's authentic beyond a shadow of a doubt, and would be a potential buyer, contact me at or call 727 809 1691. This is a very exciting discovery piece.

This is the second one. It's "wunna them people pictures". Call or email if you want a centerpiece for your collection. There are many reasons why this is more desirable than many of H's dark and dreary people paintings. It's on upson, in an odd size slightly smaller than 18x24, but bigger than 16x20. A great size for you people who claim, "I don't have any wall space".

Go here:!/pages/H-Newton-and-A-Hair-Paintings/309497962412013

cell 727 809 1691!/BobLeBlanc