Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Hair, unsigned pieces.

I stumbled on an old file that I had thought was lost the other day, and I saw things I hadn't seen in almost a decade.

I haven't seen much in the way of eBay skulduggery for a few weeks, but I want to share with you three pieces from this file by Alfred Hair which I sold back in 2004-2006 which he had left unsigned.

All three were standard size 24x36's on upson.
All three sold to other highwaymen dealers at a market discount because of it.
All three reappeared shortly thereafter on eBay as signed paintings.

This is not meant to be accusatory to any specific dealers, it simply states facts.
These three separate eBay sales were generated from Ft. Pierce, Vero and Arcadia.

Apparently Alfred would occasionally return from his grave and sign his unsigned paintings for these people. That's the only possible explanation.


Not to confuse things, but the two seascapes are similar but different, easily distinguished by comparing the clouds. I honestly don't remember which one was unsigned, but I think it was the darker one. 

The images I'm posting today are in their original unsigned state when they were in inventory, except for one of the seascapes which was in fact signed.  

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