Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mary Ann Carroll appraisal

Typical request:

Just recently I have found three paintings by Mary Ann Carroll. According to my mom, they have been in our family for 50 years. I live and have always lived here in Tennessee. They were apparently bought near Orlando, fl in the 60's. I know very little about art, however: I was told that her early work can be worth some money? Any help would be great. One is a 36 by 24 and the other two are both 12 by 24. All three are signed. The larger one has a plain back and the two smaller ones say "canvas board". I can and will send you pictures. My questions would be: how rare are they and how much are they worth?
Thank you again for your help.
Typical response:
Hi, -----.
This is called a triptych (trip-tick), a matching set of 3 pictures. Most of the highwaymen artists did them.
I can see that they are genuine, and from the 60's, but you already knew that.
The market for these is variable, and yes, they have value as collectible art.
They are worth considerably more now than they were in the 60's when she probably sold them for about $20.00, 5.00 and 5.00
They are also worth less than what they were trading for 5 or 6 years ago before the economy went into the toilet.
This is a cyclical supply and demand market and current prices reflect lack of demand for vintage pieces.
Since she is alive and aggressively marketing her new work it has affected the supply side as well, if only psychologically.
You have not indicated whether or not you want to sell them or keep them.
In either case, you obviously need to know what they are worth.
As well as buying and selling these paintings, I also established a specialized appraisal service about 12 years ago..
Since my knowlege has value, I provide this service for a fee of $ 100.00 per painting.
As a triptych, I would include all three in one certificate for a single fee of $150.00, payable by check or $155.00 payable through Paypal.
The appraisal is based on so-called "replacement price" which we consider "insurance value".
The liquid value, my immediate "turn them into cash" buy price, is about half of that somewhat inflated number.
If you wish to sell them to me, I would need to physically inspect them, here in Florida, before issuing a check.
I can issue the certificate of appraisal by using the images you sent and asking a couple of relevant questions.
An example is on my first website linked below.
If you agree that seems fair, we can continue.
If not, please let me know with a simple email so I can delete these files which tend to accumulate.


cell 727 809 1691

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  1. And, as is the case at least half the time, there was absolutely no response of any sort.
    Maybe it's just me, but I find it disrespectful for people to not send a simple word of "thanks".
    This is the age of the internet, where manners are irrelevant.