Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Florida highwaymen art appraisals


If you need to know the value of a highwayman painting, we can help.

First of all, the artist must be on the official list of highwaymen artists who were inducted into the Florida Artists' Hall of Fame in Tallahassee, maintained by the Division for Cultural Affairs.

However, their information is currently inaccurate, as of August 17, 2010.

Here is a copy/paste of the email I sent to the Administrator today:


Dear Mr Crawford:

In the interest of accuracy, I thought you would be interested in updating the Florida Artists Hall of Fame web page regarding Alfred Hair and the Highwaymen.

Since their induction in 2004, the last 6 years have seen 3 more additions to the deceased list.

I also see that there is some incomplete information regarding various birth dates, etc.

Please accept this information with my compliments. Should you wish to add my website to your resource list, I enthusiastically grant permission.

Alfred Hair (1940 - 1970)
Harold Newton (1934 - 1994)
Sam Newton
Lemuel Newton
Al Black
Livingston Roberts (1942 - 2004)
Johnny Daniels (1954 - 2009)
Willie Daniels
Mary Ann Carroll
R. A. Mc Lendon
Al Moran (1930 - 2003)
James Gibson
Curtis Arnett
Hezekiah Baker (1940 - 2007)
Charles Walker
Robert Butler
Ellis Buckner (1943 - 1991)
Charles Wheeler
Issac Knight
George Buckner (1942 - 2002)
S. M. Wells
Cornell Smith
John Maynor
Willie Reagan
Rodney Demps
Robert Lewis

regards, Bob LeBlanc


TheDivision of Cultural Affairs responded thusly.

RE: Fl Artist HOF Updates
9/1/2010 4:03:42 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Reply To:

Thanks very much for your kind email. I saw your message when I returned yesterday. We will review the list and update as needed.
I certainly appreciate it.
Ken Crawford

OK, so it looks like they are on the ball. That's pretty good for a government office.
Kudos to Mr. Crawford.

With the success of my other blogspot website, and with the increasing demand for appraisals of highwaymen art, I thought we might as well create this one.

Eighteen of the original twenty six Florida highwaymen artists are alive and painting, exhibiting and marketing their new work.

It is the eight deceased artists in the group that we are most concerned with, but the vintage works from the 1950's to the 1980's by any of the artists can have a considerable value.

Our main website, http://www.highwaymen-buy-sell-trade.com/ was created about a decade ago.

Our blog http://www.highwaymenart.blogspot.com/ was created in May of 2008.

My next post will outline our appraisal policy.


  1. I do have a Harold Newton that I would like to get appraised, how would I go about doing so? My grandfather bought it from harold himself when I was a kid, I think it may be a quite rare color scheme as my grandfather bought it because " its the only thing that will make that damed orange crushed velvet couch look good"
    I have never seen one quite like it :Orange sunset on the St.Johns River I believe
    any info appreciated

  2. karmadog, glad you found this new blog.

    I posted the policy Aug 30, so your question may ahve already been answered.

    FYI, orange sky painings are somewhat common but despite seemingly endless repetition, each painting is unique.

  3. Hello - I'm curious - You have listed W.Reagan but he signs his work as W.C.Reagan - Or do you know if he's signed them both ways?
    Thanks you.