Monday, August 30, 2010

highwaymen appraisal policy

Here are the nuts and bolts of the process.

As an example, here is an email I received and my response today.

Good afternoon Bob,

I hope this finds you doing well!

Thanks so much for responding. I am not sure how this process works. What is the process once I submit the photo of the painting? Is there a fee?

Thanks so much in advance!!

Wishing you a great day!!

Customer X

Hello, Customer X,

There is a fee of $ 100.00 to appraise your painting and issue one of my certificates.

Here is an example :

The value I place on these is for insurance purposes, based upon current "replacement" cost for a similar painting by the same artist. I also inform you of its current liquid value, which generally is approximately half of the appraised value.

If you have a painting that I can use in inventory and you wish to sell it to me, I will refund your fee when we agree to a purchase/sale agreement.

In that case, I would need to physically inspect it or arrange for a trusted associate from your area to do so on my behalf.

If you think that's fair, we can proceed and I will give you my mailing address.

I accept payment only by personal checks or cash, and occasionally Paypal, although I prefer not to.

Please let me know.



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